Maximise the potential of your workforce and Improve business performance by making better people decisions using People Analytics.

Do away with gut feel and biasness. Make objective decisions backed up with real data.

Measure, track and understand the pulse of your employee engagement in real-time

Management Dashboard

Overview dashboard on all the engagement activities.

Business leaders and HR can have a holistic view of real-time data across multiple offices across country or globally.

Easy access to specific reports and metrics from overview dashboard.

Comprehensive dashboards for business leaders and managers to understand engagement activities and participation.

Identify high potentials and future leaders within the organisation.

Sentiment Analysis

With Sentiment Analysis, no more spending days and weeks going through and understand each and every open text reply.

Automatically categorise open text responses based on sentiment score so you can attend to the specific category of feedback that matters most.

Coupled with Word Cloud feature to gain deeper insights on trends and keywords.

Pulse of Engagement

Real time analytics on engagement survey results.

Drill down to groups, teams or offices in different geographical locations.

Slice and dice through different key drivers questions.

Empower managers with the ability to improve employee performance and engagement with actionable insights and Workulture’s Recommended Actions.

Comprehensive Employee Engagement Platform

Powered by Artificial Intelligence and People Analytics