Great leaders are good listeners.

Build trust by actively listening to the Voice of Employee.

Empower your employees to express freely how they feel, suggest ways to improve processes, culture and voice out the change they want their leaders to listen to.

Real-time Feedback

Break barriers. Feedback anything.

Improve employee performance through real-time feedback in a meaningful way.

Supports peer to peer, manager to team member and team member to manager feedback in a conversational interface.

Employees can comfortably give feedback anonymously or identified.

Share a QR code or link with external parties like customers or vendors to get feedback easily. Works seamlessly with other messaging apps or emails.

Employee Survey

Measure and gain real-time actionable insights on the pulse of your employees and have clarity on your employee morale.

Pre-loaded with dozens of questions for different key engagement drivers to help organization quickly get the pulse of the organisation.

Coupled with recommended actions to help business leaders and managers to act on the actionable insights quickly.

Employees’ Opinion Matters

Collect real-time insight about your employees’ opinion. Like checking out the effectiveness of a new company initiative.

Or let them vote for their favourite perks, place for team lunches or team building.

Target relevant polls to the right groups and teams.

Live Q&A

Use Live Q&A for town hall and company meetings to enhance communication and interaction.

Create meaningful and engaging sessions with your employees.

Let employees raise questions that matter to them with ease, anonymously or identified.

Collate all questions in one single platform for analysis.

Understand What Motivates Employees

Personalise the employee experience by understanding what motivates individual in your team.

Help business leaders and managers answer questions on what motivates their employee, how motivated they are and identify gaps to be addressed.

Comprehensive Employee Engagement Platform

Powered by Artificial Intelligence and People Analytics