Internal communication is a key driver of employee engagement. Workulture enables organisations to create an environment with open communication and seamless sharing internally.

No more email cluttering. Employees receive company news and updates without the need to check their emails.

Post and share achievements, celebrations and company updates to foster a culture of open communication and recognition.

Sharing through Internal Communication

Keep everyone updated with what’s happening in the organisation.

Share news, announcements, achievements and celebrate birthdays in a social media style.

Engage employees and encourage their participation using Likes and Comments on News postings.

Target relevant content to the right groups and teams.

No more email clutter, improving communications and engagement process.

Reach out to every employee easily using Workuture’s IOS and Android app.

“72% of respondents rank recognition given for high performers as having a significant impact on employee engagement.”

Recognition Drives Engagement

Recognise employees and colleagues for their efforts and contributions, sharing their recognition instantly on news feed.

Customise and kick-start a recognition program that aligns with your organisation’s Mission and Vision.

Create a culture that encourage positive attitude, celebrating successes and achievements.

Instant Sharing of Poll Results

A quick one question poll offers instant sharing of results with employees.

Improve response rate by encouraging participation and gratify the employees with real-time poll results.

Comprehensive Employee Engagement Platform

Powered by Artificial Intelligence and People Analytics