ROI of Engagement

Workulture is the leading engagement platform that has built-in ROI measurements. We help business leaders understand and make sense of their investment and business impact of employee engagement initiatives.

With more than a hundred business metrics in different categories to help organisations measure business performance, let your data tells you the story of engagement.

More than a hundred business metrics in different categories to measure your business performance.

Organisations today need to measure the business impact of their employee engagement efforts to see how much additional value engaged employees can bring to their business through the “Before & After” approach measurement of various Success Metric Indicators which Workulture has incorporated in the employee engagement platform

Measure the Business Impact of Employee Engagement

Custom define template to track and measure your business metrics quarters, half yearly or annually.

Choose and compare different periods of measurement and understand the engagement activities happened within the selected periods.

Gain insights on what works, what’s not and identify areas of improvement to maximise the ROI of engagement.

Seeing is Believing.

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