Unleash The Best of Your Employees’ Potential to Drive Business Results

Develop People, Culture and Improve Employee Engagement through Listening, Sharing and Gaining Actionable Insights

Comprehensive Platform for Ongoing Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement is an ongoing endeavour. Workulture empowers Business Leaders with a platform to engage the workforce continuously, everyday.


Great leaders are good listeners. Build trust by listening to the Voice of Employee. Understand what’s on the ground.


Post achievements, celebrations and company updates to foster a culture of open communication and recognition.


Gain actionable insights from feedback data and proactively address potential issues even before they happen.

Why Workulture?

Drive Business Performance

  • Improve business drivers such as productivity, attribution rate, profit & revenue
  • Build better culture and align business goals

Comprehensive Platform

  • Combines measurement & proactive engagement in one platform
  • Enhance employee experience

Real Time Visibility

  • Real time data to make better decisions
  • Address potential issues early

Measure Engagement ROI

  • Measure ROI of engagement initiatives
  • Determine what works and improves continuously


Through Workulture’s Voice of Employee, employees can now express how they feel, suggest ways to improve processes, voice out the change they want their leaders to listen to.

  • Gather comments and understand employee sentiments on company updates
  • Frequent check-in on company “health” through pulse survey
  • Facilitate improvements through continuous feedback
  • Collate questions, views during Town hall or skip level meetings
  • Get answers fast through quick poll


Internal communication is a key driver of employee engagement. Workulture enables organisations make internal communication more open and seamless to share. No more email clutters as employees get updates instantly through the mobile app.

  • Share and connect with employees through organisation’s Mission, Vision, Business Goals and Directions
  • Post and share company news, updates, latest development or new HR initiatives easily
  • Define target groups for sharing information
  • Give recognition to peers or employees and share their recognition with everyone to promote positive values and behaviours
  • Share knowledge, celebration, photos within groups or organisation wide


Pulse survey results, comments and feedback are captured on one single platform, providing a Single Source of Truth for analytics. Get actionable insights and determine the most impactful areas to drive engagement.

  • Real time dashboard for business leaders on what’s happening on ground, sentiments and engagement scores
  • Gain actional insights on what to focus to maximise impact
  • Track improvements in business metrics and understand the ROI of employee engagement
  • Auto analysing of text responses to save time and understand how employees feel
  • Business leaders and managers can save time by using recommended actions and tracking engagement initiative through engagement work plan

Comprehensive Employee Engagement Platform

Powered by Artificial Intelligence and People Analytics